Case Study | UI/UX Design

1. Concept

1.1 WOW Concept Video

1.2 WOW Concept

What is WOW?

WOW is a gifting app that allows users to connect with loved ones. On special holidays, we can't celebrate and share the joy with friends and relatives far away.

WOW can provide you with a special gift box to help you celebrate special moments with friends and family. Not only can they receive your gift at a specific time, but you can see their reaction and share memories together.

1.3 About our team

The Team

The reason why our group made app about gifts is that all the members of our group are far away from their hometown in the United States. We all have relatives and friends who miss us. We also want to send them our best wishes in a special way on some important days. We focus on human-centered design, and we resonate with people's emotions. We tried to keep exploring, doing a lot of interviews, talking to people, just to find the best way.

My Role

Design Lead | Idea Thinking | Researcher | Interviewer | Visual Designer | Illustrator | UI Designer | UX Designer

What I did

I monitored the progress of our project every week to make sure that our project can be completed on time. At the same time, I made the schedule of the project and let our team members complete the progress according to the schedule of the project. In the development stage of the project, I did market research, identified target customers, and conducted tests and surveys on users. I also worked as a visual designer on the team, responsible for UI design and illustration, and finally created our project's presentation slide.

1.4 Project Timeline

2. Research

2.1 Problems of sending distance gifts

2.2 Marketing Research

2.3 Competitors


International gift delivery website, the retail giant's gift finding tool

Main Features

1. Can get to your door in two days or less
2. Have many keywords to define a person
3. Focuses on personality types, presenting gift options based on interests.


1. There is no limit to the number of people
2. Too many items here
3. No communication with receiver


International gift delivery website

Main Features

1. Search for the delivery date
2. Categories for different occasion
3. Same Day Delivery Gift Baskets
4. Remind the date for festival and birthday


1. Lack of experience for sharing the enjoy
2. Don’t know the real action and emotion of the receiver

2.4 App Main Features

2.5 Mind Map

3. Problem Statement

On important days, people always don't know how to send gifts to their friends far away.

Call them? Can't see them.
Go see them? It's too far.
Just send a gift? It's too boring!

4. Personas

4.1 Pesona 1 - Gift Giver

4.2 Persona 1 User Flow

Task 1: Order a gift box. Watch the reaction video

Users order a gift box and put their gifts in it.
When the receiver opens the gift box, at the same time, users can receive the reaction video of the recipient.

Task 2: Create a memory for the recipient.

Users can upload photos which they want and wait until the recipient uploads his photos.
WOW will combine their memories together and create their own memory video.

4.1 Pesona 2 - Gift Recipient

4.2 Persona 2 User Flow

Task: Upload pictures with giver and watch memory video.

When User receives the gift box, they see an open button and a QR code on the box.
This exclusive QR code is automatically generated when the giver places an order and belongs only to the recipient.
The recipient needs to scan the QR code and download the APP to enter their own homepage.

5. User Testing & Improvement

5.1 Hand Sketches

User Testing Feedback

Low-fidelity Wireframe

1. There is no difference between the gift's homepage and the recipient's.
I think it can be added with a sentence.
2. As the recipient, I don't want to log in or sign up for an account.
3. Face recognition is a bit weird. Can we upload our memories in another way?
4. The icons can be bigger.

Medium-fidelity Wireframe

1. The login and signup buttons are a bit small.
2. I love your UI design, it's very clear.
3. I think it would be better if the font could be bigger,
which is a little hard for me to read right now.
4. The icon for the Homepage can be larger.
5. As for the users who are gift recipients,
I think you need to explain more about how they receive gifts and use the app.

High-fidelity Wireframe

1. I love your UI design and Illustrations.
2. I think the font on the login/ signup button can be bigger.

5.2 Further User Testing

Get feedback from the app flow

User Testing Results

I did further User testing on the Medium-Fidelity Wireframe of the app,
and got the following feedback.

1. The font size can be a little bit bigger,
but the icons for homepage need to be more clear.
2. For the gift giver, the function and process are already clear.
3. For the recipient, make it as simple as possible.

6. Final Work

6.1 User Interface Design

Final design after user testing & improvement

6.2 Onboarding Screen

6.2 Order and shipping page

6.2 Memory page

7. Style Guide

7.1 Logo Sketches

7.2 Logo Anatomy

7.3 Final Logo

Clear Space and Style Guide

7.4 Color

7.5 Typography

7.6 Gift Box

Illustration of the gift box’s main functions

7.7 Illustration

Illustrations are designed in branded color.
They also represent the main function of WOW.

8. Conclusion

Summary Takeaway

1. Everyone has friends who are far away, and how to give them gifts on important days is still a problem.
2. WOW gift box delivers your gift on time and you don't have to worry about it being late or early.
3. Through WOW you can share the joy of opening a gift with your friends because you will receive a video of their reaction.
4. You and your friends can upload your photos together, and WOW will help you create your own memories.

How the Project grows

In the process of completing the whole project, I did a lot of User testing and interviews. Whether it was the original Low Fidelity Wireframe or the final key screen, I got different results each time I tested the user. I know that the completion of a good project requires repeated testing and modification. A successful app is also to help users and solve their problems.

What I learned

During the completion of the whole project, I feel that everyone has a friend who is far away and deeply missed. This sincere affection is especially precious on a special day. WOW wants to truly help users express their thoughts of lovers far away through special ways and gifts. We hope to let users know that they are not alone. Although users and their friends are thousands of miles apart, they can still express their feelings to each other, reminiscing about the happy past and sharing the happiness of the present together on special holidays.