1. History of Coffee and Dessert

Illustration | Research

History of Coffee and Dessert from 1616 to 2000 Timeline

This is the timeline of coffee and dessert. It's from 1616 to 2000. On the left is the timeline for dessert, and on the right is the timeline for coffee.

Why did I choose this topic?

First, I like coffee and dessert very much. Second, I think coffee and dessert are indispensable food in people's life. Every morning a cup of coffee makes the whole person look cool, afternoon tea time is also not without a variety of desserts. So, I chose this topic for investigation and research and finally made this set of coffee and dessert timeline.

2. Little Monsters

Illustration | Main Charcater

The Little Monster

"The little monsters under the feet of human."

“The little monster" is a pop candy packaging design inspired by the world beneath human feet. In my imagination, I think human beings are busy shuttling through the city every day. In the underfoot world that we can't see, many species that we don't know are also busy living their lives. For example, some strange little monsters. Candy is a favorite snack for children and young people. Rich colors and diversified cartoon designs can attract consumers to buy products.

3. Hero Captain

Illustration | Main Character

Hero Captain

"Where there is Fried chicken, there are heroes."

"Hero Captain" is a chain Fried chicken restaurant, in the original brand logo, added auxiliary graphics and cartoon characters of the diversified design. “Where there is Fried chicken, there are heroes.” Fried chicken is original and has a rich taste. The combination of brand design and "hero captain" also makes the brand more powerful.

4. Pi

Illustration | Main Character

Your designer friend Pi

"Pi Inspiration

Pi is the branding Parlé’s “tour” guide that walks visitors through the brand and introducing services on the landing page. The name “Pi” is inspired by the company name initial “P” with the mathematical sign name pi “π”. The square root of pi is a number with infinite digits that goes on forever, therefore the implied meaning of pi is a company with talented designers who will be creating infinite possibilities and sustainable design. On top of that, the spelling of “Pi” is also referencing our services with Artificial Intelligence(Ai) involved.

5. DaDa Music

Illustration | Animation

DaDa Music

"Animation of a music app."

DaDa Music is a Music app, I made a small animation to introduce this app, I hope you will like it!