Kaisen Sushi Rebranding

Brand Identity | Interactive Prototype

Website Prototype

1. Overview

1.1 Kaisen Sushi Overview

Kaisen Sushi

"Fresh from the ocean."

Kaisen Sushi situated in the heart of San Francisco, you will find our cozy restaurant as a refuge to relax and enjoy some delicious sushi with your family and friends. Our mission is to bring fresh fish from the ocean and premium quality slices, Kaisen Sushi is a brother of KYU2 Sushi in Emeryville. We are cut above the rest. Chef Nui's roots began 18 years ago at the famed San Francisco restaurant Ebisu, Ozumo, Bowlfish and Robata Grill, and Sushi Bay area restaurant where he crafted his skills as a sushi chef.

1.2 Project Timeline

2. Research

2.1 Problems of current restaurant branding

3. Brand Style Guide

3.1 Logo Sketches

3.2 Digital Exploration

I combined the elements of ocean and fish to
explore more logo schemes.

3.3 Final Logo

Clear Space and Style Guide

3.4 Logo Usage

Black & White & Red Background Color

3.5 Color

3.6 Typography

4. Mockup

4.1 Outside Signage

4.2 Business Card

4.3 Apron

4.4 Kitchen Utensils

4.5 Takeaway Sushi

4.6 Takeaway Soup & Drink

5. Additional Design

5.1 Special Menu

The special menu changes every weekday from Monday to Friday.

5.2 Advertisement

5.3 Ipad Menu Prototype

6. Conclusion

Summary Takeaway

1. The unity of a brand design is very important.Once the logo and color are determined, the product and design of the brand should follow the uniform design style and color, and the color cannot be changed or added at will.
2. Brand design needs to catch the eye of customers. A good brand needs customers to know what brand it is and remember it at the first sight.
3. When designing for a brand, we need to grasp several key factors.For example, this time I was designing for a sushi restaurant. The keywords I summarized are fish, sea, fresh, and so on.The next step is to combine these keywords for brand design and innovation.

How the Project grows

At the beginning of the project, I chose to redesign the restaurant logo from the perspective of the brand logo design. I designed the logo based on the three key words of the sea, fish, and fresh. At the same time, I determined the main red color of salmon and selected several other colors, thus forming a complete brand color system. Next, the product packaging of the brand, the menu of the restaurant, the webpage, and the poster is designed in accordance with the style of the logo and the brand color, in order to ensure the unity of the brand style. Finally, I finished the restaurant brand redesign of Kaisen Sushi in my planned and step-by-step work.