App | UI/UX Design

1. Concept

1.1 Goalswell Concept

Goalswell-Goal & Habit Tracker

Goalswell is a self-help app that helps you set targets, track your progress and reach your personal or academic goals. On the Goalswell app there are even educational videos that offer insight into the importance of planning, self-control and other behavioral concepts that are intended for users to learn and apply while making their own decisions. Whatever targets you want to reach, Goalswell offers you the opportunity for creating good habits and reaching your goals. Your friends can help you reach your targets too, having someone to watch over your goals helps you complete them! We make that process simple and easy!

With Goalswell, all your personal growth goals are in one place. Stay motivated, share your goals with your friends or family to help you build a better work-life or school-life balance.

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2. App User Flow

2.1 User Flow

3. User Testing/Interview

3.1 User Testing Feedback

4. App Overview

4.1 User Interface Design

Final design after user testing & improvement

5. Style Guide

5.1 Color

5.2 Typography

5.3 Illustration

Illustrations are designed in branded color.
They also represent the main function of Goalswell.

6. Goalswell Features


The goal setter will guide you to create checklists to help achieve goals, remind you about them, keep you motivated as you progress and more! Whether you have daily or weekly tasks to do, achieving goals will turn into a habit with Goalswell.


Stay on task by inviting a friend from your network to support your goals. Exchanging notes about your progress with your buddy creates a personalized goal tracker!


Check out friends’ or group members’ checklists and get inspired to action! Easily copy their goals and checklists into your to-do and work on tasks together.