Brand Identity | Packaging Design

1. Overview

1.1 Min Overview


"Blue sky white clouds floating - Mongolian."

Mongolian (Cyrillic: М о н f о л ү н д э с т э н), is mainly distributed in the east region of a traditionally nomadic people, is one of China's ethnic minorities, is also the main body of Mongolian nationality. Min is a Mongolian brand design, based on Mongolian patterns and patterns, the selection of blue tone, set off the mysterious, solemn and retro feeling of Mongolia. This brand design is mainly based on packaging design. Including wine and bottle packaging boxes, a variety of gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and other related products.

1.2 Project Timeline

2. Brand Style Guide

2.1 Min Logo

Clear Space and Style Guide

2.2 Color

3. Packaging Design

3.1 Packaging Plan

White Wine


Gift Box



4. Mockup

4.1 Branding

4.2 Gift Box

4.3 Poster

4.4 Portfolio

4. Conclusion

Summary Takeaway

1. The target customer group of toy brands is children, so the first thing to do is to catch children's eyes in colors and patterns to arouse their curiosity.
2. Brand design follows the principle of simplicity, with bright colors and concise information.
3. I personify the brand so that children will feel more approachable after seeing the brand.

What I learned

I did some research at the beginning of the project. For example, the design style and color of some similar toy brands in the existing market, the sensitivity and preference of children to color and graphics, etc. I find that too complex graphics and bright colors are easy to distract children's attention, and they cannot better play the role of educational toys to help children focus their attention and develop creativity. Therefore, I think balance is very important in this project, whether it is the choice of color or the complexity of the graphics, a balance should be grasped. When designing, I often push too hard because I care too much about a certain point, but this often leads me to ignore another important factor of the brand. Therefore, mastering balance is very important in design.